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This page gives a list of Frida commands. It is only updated once in a while. Up-to-date information can be retrieved at any moment from the running Frida program: At the command prompt,

  • type h to obtain a list of plain commands and command groups
  • type a command group initial letter (like c, g, m, …) to obtain a full list of commands within that group.

Plain commands and command groups

> h
This is Frida, version 2.3.0c
Plain commands:
  a    add to plot
  p    plot (g for list of other plot commands)
  t    show execution time (for development)
  !    execute shell command
  quit terminate Frida session
Command groups (type initial letter for help):
  b    backup of online files
  c    curves and fits
  d    directory (inspect internal files)
  e    edit (change textual parameters)
  g    graphics setup
  f    file input, output, creation
  m    manipulate data (select, bin, reorganise, ...)
  o    operate on variables, compute integrals, ...
  r    read raw data (currently only for SPHERES)
  _    special / temporary commands
Modifier (appended to command):
  !    operate in place (overwrite)
More help:
  \h   help on meta commands and macros
  hf   functions of scalar arguments
  hid  dimension-reducing functionals of data (replaced 'oio')
  hic  dimension-reducing functionals of curves
  ho   operators by precedence
  hr   handling resolution functions (convolution, Dirac delta function)

Curve commands

>  c
Curve and fit commands:
  cc   create
  cca  create artificial curve (no data reference)
Basic operations:
  cm   modify function
  cd   set data file to fit
  cv   set file to convolute with (cv-: no convolution)
  cr   set fit range restriction
  cf   fit
  cfs  fit, allow slow convolution
  cp   print parameters
Parameter attributes:
  cx   fix parameters
  cg   make parameters global (same for all curves in the file)
  cu   unfix parameters (remove fixed and global attributes)
File attributes:
  cwc  weighing: constant
  cwl  weighing: logarithmic
  cwv  weighing: reciprocal variance (default)
  cwvd weighing: reciprocal variance, data only
  cwvc weighing: reciprocal variance, curve only
  cgd+ graphics: take x points from data reference file
  cgd- graphics: create x points by dividing the plot window
Frida-wide settings for fitting:
  csf  set gradient step factor
  cse  set sqrt of differentiation step
  csc  set number of calls
  csv  set verbosity
  csm  set fit metric
  cst  set maximum duration of fits
Frida-wide settings for numeric integration:
  cn?  show parameters
  cnm  set integration mode
  cna  set eps abs
  cnr  set eps rel

Display commands

>  d
Directory commands: inspect internal files
  df   list of files
  dz   z-values and spectral ranges
  dp   x|y-values
  dy   y-values
  dr   real parameters
  dc   coordinate names and units
  dd   doc lines

Edit commands

>  e
Edit parameters:
  ef         file name
  ec<coord>  name and unit of <coord>=x,y,z0,..
  ed         documentation lines

File commands

> f
File commands:
  fl   load from disk
  fs   save to disk
  fso  save to disk, allow overwrite
  fe1  export (only z and y, one line per spectrum)
  fe2  export (one block per spectrum: z header and x-y lines)
  fc   copy
  fx   exchange (copy, then delete source)
  fdel delete
  fm   make
  fr   read in
  ft(h|v|c)[m][s][d]  read tab
       h horizontal (only y values, one line per spectrum)
       v vertical (one x-y pair per line)
       c choose vertical columns
       m multi-block (blocks begin with z line)
       s from script
       d input includes dy

Graphics commands

>  g
Graphics commands:
  p    plot
  pr   plot with new autoranges
  pn   plot next spectrum
  pv   plot previous spectrum
  a    add to plot
  an   add next spectrum
  av   add previous spectrum
  gd   graphic dialog (feed commands to gnuplot)
Save for print:
  gp   plot to complete .ps file
  gf   plot to short .psX file
Change window:
  gw   list of plot windows
  g<n> switch to plot window <n>
Set axes:
  gx   set x range
  gy   set x range
  ga   auto-ranges
  gxa  x auto-range
  gya  y auto-range
  gxl  log x (toggle; or use gxl+ gxl-)
  gyl  log y
  gxf  force x into frame (toggle; or use gxf+ gxf-)
  gyf  force y into frame (toggle; or use gyf+ gyf-)
Other setup:
  ge   plot error bars (toggle, or ge+ ge-)
  gnd  set maximum number of data points
  gnc  number of equidistant base points for curve plotting
  gcr  allow iterative refinement for curve plotting?
  gsym explain plot symbols

Manipulation commands

> m
Commands to manipulate data:
  m/    protect spectra from forthcoming operations
  m/-   lift protections
Generic manipulations (expression driven):
  md    generic delete
  mr    generic retain
Per point:
  mpd   delete
  mpr   retain
  mpa   average (=bin), list controlled
  mpaf  average, reduce number of points by fixed factor
  mpaea average according to error bound (absolute)
  mpaer average according to error bound (relative)
  mpo   sort
  mpq   average when x equal
  mpsym symmetrize: map -x -> x, then average
Per spectrum:
  msd   delete
  msr   retain
  msa   average
  msb   break into files
  msj   join
  ms*   spawn spectra
  msx   z_max <-> x
  mso   sort by expression
  msoz  sort by z-values
  mzx   exchange / rotate z coordinates
  mz-   delete z coordinate
Per file:
  mfj   merge ("join")
  mfj+  merge, adding z=number-of-input-file
  mfjp  merge pointwise
  mr-   remove real par
Interpolation operations:
  mi    locate y in x' to determine y'(x'=y)
Histogram operations:
  mhm   bin data

Operation commands

>  o
Commands to operate on variables or spectra:
  ox       on x
  oy       on y
  oz0,..   on z0,..
  oz+      add new z value
  or0,..   on r0,..
  or+      add new real par
  op0,..   on p0,.. (fit parameter)
  op*      on all fit parameters
  opa      take absolute value
  opc      copy from another curve
  ofi      functional integrate
  ofs      summation up to current index
  ofd      functional derivate
  ofac     functional autocorrelate
  oi       rank-reducing operations (generalized integrals)
  oixy     choose two columns, save them as x and y
  oixyd    choose three columns, save them as x, y, dy

Raw data read in commands

>  r
read raw data from SPHERES:
  ry   load energy spectra
  ry2  load also spectra for open state
  ry4  load also chopper histograms
  ry8  load spectra for two directions separately
  ryd  load only spectra for two directions
  rs   load series of energy spectra
  rs2  load also spectra for open state

Meta commands and macros

>  \h
meta commands:
  \i <file>               include file
  \q                      escape to main menu
  \wh                     write history

Last updated for Frida2.3.0c.