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This page is part of the Frida online handbook. It describes the local setup, using the file frida.ini.


When the program Frida2 is started, a setup file frida.ini is read. This file contains some macro definitions that are needed to execute certain commands. For instance, the macro definition

\d psdir ~/gnew/

is needed by the commands gf and gp that write PostScript files to the directory psdir, by default defined as ~/gnew/.

Location of the .ini file

When Frida is installed (command make install), the file frida.ini is copied from the distributions share/ directory to /usr/local/etc/frida/.

If you want to modify the setup, then

  • do so in the directory /usr/local/etc/frida/ (and not in the distribution's share/ directory)
  • make the directory write-protected (chmod a-w /usr/local/etc/frida) so that your modifications cannot be overwritten when you update your Frida installation
  • when updating Frida, it may be necessary that you copy changes to your modified frida.ini by hand.

We could easily extend the setup mechanism to allow different users on the same machine to have personalized ini files. However, this will only be implemented if a convincing use case is proposed.