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The following people are acknowledged for their contribution in maintaining the program in recent years.

Tobias Unruh (TOFTOF @ FRM-II) provided us with a refined version
of the Ida program existing at the FOCUS spectrometer at PSI.
The original Focus Read In was written by Andreas Meyer (E13, TUM),
and required a NeXus to Ascii converter program. To read in
the HDF/NEXUS data directly a subroutine was written by
Fanni Juranyi (FOCUS @ PSI) that has been modified by T. Unruh.
A commented version of this read in routine is provided in this
program for details see (4.).

M. M. Koza maintained a version of IDA at ILL. For the release
of Frida-1 the latest update of this version become not
available to us. The backscattering read in routines adapted
to new ILL standards will be included in the next release.

There are a number of people working on the code over the past
13 years. Their contribution is acknowledged within the source
code. Details will be attached to a forthcoming version of this