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This page contains a number of currently known bugs or not properly working features of the program.

  • In the current release the NEXUS Read in (RRT_In_Foc in i80.f)
    is out-commented code. The switch used to call this routine
    is also deactivated (i00.f).
    To include the code the latest Version of NEXUS and HDF has
    to be installed on the system. The of the NEXUS
    distribution shall be copied in the source tree of the Frida-1
    program. The Makefile has to be modified accordingly.
    See commented library calls in the Makefile attached to
    this release (LIBNAG definition and following lines).
    Check for missing libraries on your system.
  • The program dumps if a wrong file number is entered
    while reading in DCS ('rdcs' command) data. Please
    be careful on using the correct numbers.
    Otherwise data might get lost if not saved prior to usage of 'rdcs'.
  • The multiphonon correction procedure '_muc' based
    on code of R. Reichardt is still in a cryptic state. The source
    code may provide you with some ideas.