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FRIDA ()  df

 13947940 lines free in run-time memory (99.6%)                                 
  1=32235msd        _4Joooo     0.5 D2O                    q   I dw S  41*  51  
  2 32280msd        _4Joooo     0.5 D2O                    q   I dw S  41*  51  
  3 32363msd        _4Joooo     1.0 D2O                    q   I dw S  41*  51  
  4 32486msd        _4Joooo     0.5 D2O                    q   I dw S  41*  51  
  5 32324msd        _4Joooo     0.5 H2O                    q   I dw S  35*  51  
  6 32573msd        _4Joooo     0.5 H2O                    q   I dw S  41*  51  
  7 32406msd        _4Joooo     1.0 H2O                    q   I dw S  41*  51  
  8 32529msd        _4Joooo     0.5 H2O                    q   I dw S  41*  *

The first line of the output specifies the internal memory in number of free lines. The important bit
is the percentage number in brackets. Theres is no compression associated with file storage in the
internal memory. This means that the file size of the *.i96 file as it is seen on the harddisk roughly
corresponds to the internal memory used.

The first column of the output contains the file numbers associated with different files. An equal sign
in the second column defines the file as saved to the harddisk. The third column corresponds to the
filename. This is also the name under which the file is/was stored on the harddisk. The fourth column
contains flags specifying modifications that have been done with the file (e. g. _4 defines that the oi
command and its option 4 have been used, which means integration of the data). The fifth column
contains a more detailed file description. The sixth column is reserved to the denominator of the
x-values (In this case q for momentum transfer). The seventh column contains the denominator of
the y-values. Column eight defines the number of spectra and column nine finally the number of
channels associated with each spectrum. A star in column nine indicates that the different spectra
have different number of channels. The space available for all the columns containing denominators
or flags is limited. Hence not all information available and stored in the associated variable might be