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This page contains the general information related to the FRIDA-1 source code and the copyright information.

Copyright Disclaimer FRIDA (fast reliable inelastic data analysis)
<> is a program for generic spectral
analysis, with many specialized routines for inelastic neutron
scattering. The FORTRAN version Frida-1 is an updated version of
Joachim Wuttke's IDA, with contributions from the community. The
maintainer is Florian Kargl
FRIDA is released under the GNU public license.
(C) Joachim Wuttke 1990-2001
(C) Florian Kargl 2006

The program consists of a number of modules containing subroutines
providing the general program structure and allowing for different
kinds of data treatment.

The source code can be found on <>

General information regarding the different modules can be found
in “i00.f”. Subsequent information is found in the modules themselves.

A more detailed information can be found on <>.

Details on the project status will be posted via the mailing list of the
project on <>.

The README file contains information on persons (2.) involved in
the project and providing different versions of the program
maintained in different locations. These versions have been merged
in this first release.
Details regarding the installation procedure on a Linux platform
are found under (3.).
Known problems arising during the installation are listed in
(4.). Here, a list of not yet fully implemented read in routines
is posted.
(5.) contains information regarding the printout of figures and
their modification.