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IDA () gp <ps-filename> : graphic to postscript
    Write the graphic actually shown in the Tektronix window
  in a PostScript file. Works even after the Tektronix window
  has been closed.
    The default filename is l<n>.ps, where <n> is the lowest
  integer for which no such file already exists.
    The PostScript file may subsequently be modified using
  a text editor. Search for the string "Switchboard" for the
  most relevant commands. 
    Source : GraSoftCopy in g2.f


IDA () g: : list graphic setup
    List setup of the chosen graphic window.
    Use "gw" to change the window.
    Source : GraChoice in g2.f


IDA () gw <window-no> : select graphic window
    A graphic window is here the ensemble of all parameters defining
  a graphic setup, like coordinate bounds, symbol size, and toggles
  between linear/logarithmic scales and so on. It is useful to switch
  between graphic windows when functions of incommensurable coordinates
  with completely different x- and y-bounds are to be plotted.
    Different graphic windows do NOT correspond to different windows
  on the X-terminal.
    Source : GraChoice in g2.f