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The following page contains installation instructions
contained in the README file attached to the source code
distribution. Respecting the user support this file
contains some additional information compared to the
standard readme instructions posted on the Frida-1 wiki site.

Linux Absoft Compiler !!
  • pre installation instructions
    • unzip and untar the source code
      tar -zxvf frida-1-0.tgz
      will unpack the data in a new directory FRIDA1.
      Subdirectory for/num/ contains numerical tables for fitting.
    • create subdirectory 'oba'
    • create subdirectory 'exa'
    • Note: if MSCAT shall be executable, modify Makefile by including 'i94.f'
      in compilation procedure.
      Change i00.f removing the comment signs at '_mss'.
    • If the full mode coupling model shall be used,
      remove comment signs at '_fmm'
      in i00.f.
  • requirements
    • libnag.a (NAG FORTRAN 77 library)
    • libg2c.a
    • libm.a
  • installation
    • type 'make -f Makefile' or simply 'make' in source directory
    • the object files are created in the 'oba' subdirectory
    • if the compilation is successful a executable 'frida1' is created
      in the 'exa' subdirectory
  • post installation instructions
    • to invoke Frida-1 a x-terminal or any terminal providing
      Tektronix support is mandatory for full graphical capabilities.
    • Note: In a standard shell only the text base part is working.
      No visualization is possible.
    • it might be convenient to define the following alias in the '.bashrc':

      alias i=“xterm -title 'Frida-1 Linux Version 1.0' -sb -sl 5000 -bg white -fg black
      -cr chartreuse -fn 13×8 -g 82×27+2+358 -e /home/user/Frida1/exa/frida1 &”

      modify path according to where frida1 is located on the harddisk.
Linux GNU Compiler !!
  • The posted version cannot be compiled with the standard GNU compiler shipped with
    standard Linux versions for PC. A major problem is the string handling and some intrinsics.
  • The sgtring handling problem was partly solved by Christian Geisler.
    However, the program (not this release) has still to be tested for some minor bugs.
SGI workstation !!
  • Compilation on a SGI workstation should in principle be possible.
    Be aware off using the correct l0sgi.f instead of l0x11.f in the Makefile.