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“Frida-1” is the new name of the FORTRAN data analysis program IDA, as part of the ongoing Frida project.

The following documentation is available on this server:

  • Installation instructions for Frida-1. Explains both, how to compile Frida-1 from source, and how to port a running version FRIDA-1 to another computer.
  • Command Overview – a list of all commands in Frida-1 and a short explanation what they do and how to use them. (A copy of the file Ida.hlp distributed along with Frida-1)
  • Command Manual Intended to contain more detailed explanations of the commands (not complete)
  • Tutorial explaining the most common procedures for neutron scattering. Explaining how to read neutron scattering data and process them. Only little explanation of the commands (for those, refer to the command manual), focusing on the physical explanations of the steps.
  • Script library to make your FRIDA-1 life easier. Containing no explanations at all – use only when you understand what you are doing!

The following pages contain the content of the Readme file
attached to the FRIDA-1 source code distribution: