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Generating a function

The thing is simple: I simply want to generate a function (in my case an exponential y=exp(-x*w)) to compare with data, therfore I want to generate it in the sam x spacing as the data. In addition I want to take the values from a file with the w data (froma a fitting for example). I do NOT know if that is the easiest way to do it, but it seems to work ;-) If I am working at file 1:

oy I will act in the y axis
50 I will copy the values of x in the y axis (I am now choosing to get the values from “somewhere”)
x I copy the x data (this “somewhere” is the x data). And now I have a new file with y=x values
Nx=y I will operate in the redcently new created Nx=y file with y=x, therefore all what I do with y, I do it with x
oy * multiply
ec -1 we multiply by -1 to get -x
i second argument is a point per file (in our case w)
Npar from the file with parameters, and we get -x*w
oy modifiy y
3 to selsect the function exponential

and finally we get exp (-x*w)