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Welcome to Frida

Frida (“Fast reliable interactive data analysis”) is a program for analysing tabular data.

It has been written for the analysis of inelastic neutron scattering data, and it contains highly specialized routines for this purpose. Its data model, however, is abstract and generic so that Frida can be applied to whatever data of the form y(x,z0,z1,…).

Frida's main capabilities are:

  • Import/export tabular data from/to various formats.
  • Reorganize, bin, sort, clone data.
  • Perform mathematical operations on the data.
  • Automatically document all data manipulations.
  • Fit the data with user-defined functions.
  • Plot data and functions, generating publication-grade PostScript graphics.

Besides, Frida is also a powerful pocket calculator.

Frida is operated through a command-line interface. Commands are cryptic. Everything is designed to offer a maximum of computational power and flexibility for a minimum of typing. Learning Frida is not easy, but rewarding.


When using Frida in scientific work, please cite as follows:

J. Wuttke: Frida - fast reliable inelastic data analysis.