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 See also [[Posters and Talks]]. See also [[Posters and Talks]].
 +=== 2021 ===
 +T. Kyrey, M. Ganeva, J. Witte, R. von Klitzing, S. Wellert and O. Holderer \\
 +**Understanding near-surface polymer dynamics by a combination of grazing-incidence neutron scattering and virtual experiments** \\
 +[[https://​​10.1107/​S1600576720014739|J. Appl. Cryst. (2021). 54]] 
 +Walter Van Herck, Jonathan Fisher and Marina Ganeva \\
 +**Deep learning for X-ray or neutron scattering under grazing-incidence:​ extraction of distributions**\\
 +[[https://​​10.1088/​2053-1591/​abd590|Materials Research Express]]
 === 2020 === === 2020 ===