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This is the homepage of Steca2: StressTextureCalculator version 2.

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imagediffractogrampole figure


Steca2 is a software tool for analysis of histogram data collected by area detectors. It is developed primarily to support the STRESS-SPEC diffractometer at FRM-II.

The main functions of Steca2 are:

  • Import of histograms and associated metadata from data files.
  • Variable grouping of multiple data sets.
  • Correction of unequal detector pixel sensitivity.
  • Calculation of diffractograms, either from complete images or from image “slices” with specified range of γ.
  • Semi-automatic diffractogram peak fitting.
  • Calculation of pole figure points and their interpolation.
  • Calculation of diagrams that show dependencies between imported metadata and calculated data.
  • Export of results in various data formats for further processing.

Steca2 is based on the original STeCa software developed by Christian Randau. For further information about the original STeCa, see the JAC article by C. Randau, U. Garbe and H.-G. Brokmeier, and C. Randau's dissertation.

Steca2 has a newly designed user interface and re-implemented calculations with increased speed of processing. The imported and computed data can be interactively manipulated and inspected. The code has been written to allow long-term maintenance, further development and extensions, and future support of new data formats.

Steca2 has been developed by Rebecca Brydon, Jan Burle, and Antti Soininen within the Scientific Computing Group of JCNS at MLZ Garching.

Current version

The current version of Steca2 is 2.0.3 (beta). It is being tested at instrument facilities.


See the documentation pages.

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