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Get and build Steca

Steca is an open-source software (GPLv3). The source code is available from its public GitHub repository:

$ git clone


Steca is written using the Qt framework. The only prerequisites for building Steca from source code are: Qt5.4+, a current C++ compiler that supports C++11, and a current version of cmake. Thanks to Qt, Steca is a cross-platform software that can be built and run on Linux(es), Mac OSX, and Windows.

Building Steca

To build Steca with cmake, the usual process applies, e.g.:

git clone
cd STeCa2
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Alternatively, Steca can be built using qmake. The source contains a shell script that creates the qmake project (.pro) file:

cd STeCa2

and then:

mkdir build
cd build
qmake ..

Releases & Windows

Released versions of Steca are also available on GitHub (releases).

Each release contains archives of a source code snapshot and also a Windows build of Steca. (It is quite straightforward for users to build Steca on a Linux or Mac OSX.)

The Windows build of Steca is a single executable file, staticaly linked with all required libraries. It does not need any installation — simply put the file into a Windows folder of your choice (or on the desktop) and run it.

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