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Parent item for all issues concerning reflectivity measurements, including specular peaks and off-specular scattering.


Feature #31: Implement x-ray polarization factorBacklog

Feature #1005: Create off-specular simulation functional testResolvedpospelov

Feature #1103: extend simulation to transmission geometry (detector images with z<0)New

Feature #1120: Calculate the specular peak intensity: |R|^2 at the specular pixelArchivedherck

Feature #1187: Implement 1D fitting in SpecularSimulationRejected

Feature #1612: Specular peak: add forward scattering amplitudes to specular amplitudeBacklog

Feature #1706: Profile simulation with multilayers containing large amount of layersResolvedwuttke

Feature #1722: self-absorption correctionLong Term Idea

Refactoring #1732: Optimization in innermost loop in RT computationRejectedwuttke

Refactoring #1733: Avoid multiple calculations of same RT coefficientsResolvedherck

Bug #1734: Investigate numerical stability of multilayer RT computationResolvedwuttke

Feature #1738: Rename files and classes in Multilayer to resolve ambiguity about "Matrix"Rejected


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