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Feature #284: === Fit ===

GSLLMA minimizer sometimes doesn't respect fit parameter limits attribute

Added by pospelov over 5 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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In FitSpheresInHexLattice_builder.py example setting of minimizer to


leads to exception throw
RealParameterWrapper::RealParameterWrapper() -> Error. Initial value -0.848051 is out of bounds lim(0.00,)

Interesting that similar example FitSpheresInHexLattice.py works as expected

This will be hard to fix...


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#2 Updated by pospelov about 2 years ago

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Limited parameters are fully broken in ROOT wrapper around GSL minimizer.
Tried to repair it, but failed - ROOT minimizers code is terrible if not insane.

Currently I have disabled possibility to fit with limited parameters for GSLLMA algorithm - all parameters has to be unlimited. In this case it produces correct result.
Interestingly, it also has the smallest amount of iteration to reach minimum among competitors.

In the future, either drop GSLLMA completely,
or write own wrapper around GSL kernel.

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