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Feature #1289: == Instrument (beam, resolution, detector) ==

Provide rectangle detector examples and functional tests

Added by pospelov about 5 years ago. Updated almost 5 years ago.

Status:ArchivedStart date:12 Jan 2016
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Target version:Sprint 30


  • rewrite importGalaxyData example
    • think of publishing as drupal example
  • rewrite importMariaData example
    • think of publishing as drupal example
  • modify plots for drupal tutorials to display direction of phi, alpha angles; put there the case alpha_min<0.0
  • implement fitting for rectangular detector case
  • create new RectangularDetector tutorial section demonstrating the difference between RectangularDetector and SphericalDetector in realistic geometry
    • this also will cover questions related to import of real data
  • revive MesoCrystal fitting on the base of RectangularDetector to make sure that corresponding machinery is actually ok
  • provide RectangularDetector simulation functional test (perpendicular to sample, to direct/reflected beam; validation against reference files)
  • provide RectangularDetector fitting functional test
  • implement new version of GISASSimulation::getIntensityData which will returns modified version of Histogram2D
    • if there is a masked area, the resulting histogram should show minimal (shrinked) area corresponding to all unmasked detector bins
    • think of having getIntensityData(IN_MM | IN_DEG | IN_RAD | IN_Q)


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