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== Particle form factors ==

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Refactoring #1065: Revise particle form factors: change names, add few form factors, change some parametrizationRejected

Feature #1537: parametrize Gaussians and Lorentzians by mean and fwhmRejected

Feature #1075: Cone6 form factor -> analyticArchivedwuttke

Documentation #1262: Fix IsGISAXS references in form factor sectionArchivedwuttke

Documentation #1279: Inkscape tasksArchived

Documentation #1280: draw tetrahedron as seen from -xArchivedwuttke

Feature #1283: Provide functional test for all formfactors, when they are rotated and in the presence of absorptionArchivedpospelov

Bug #1294: provide substantial unit tests for factor computationsArchivedwuttke

Refactoring #1300: more stable computation of Prism6 formfactorResolvedwuttke

Feature #1399: Implement form factors for dodecahedron and icosahedronResolvedwuttke

Documentation #1400: blender: paint dodecahedron and icosahedronArchivedpospelov

Bug #1401: correct inaccurate numerics near removable singularity in form factors Tetrahedron and Prism3Archivedwuttke

Feature #1409: accelerate Ripple1Archivedwuttke

Documentation #1414: regenerate form factor images in manualRejected

Bug #1417: numeric inaccuracies in form factorsResolvedwuttke

Refactoring #1418: provide cotangent, and replace division by tan(alpha) in pyramidsResolved

Bug #1420: Symmetry S2 not usableResolvedwuttke

Bug #1421: FullSphere F(q)=0 for small qResolvedwuttke

Refactoring #1432: final polish of polyhedral form factorRejected

Refactoring #1546: disambiguate getRadius()Archivedwuttke

Bug #1552: FormFactorTrivial should have RadialExtension = 0Resolved

Refactoring #1593: Remove soft particle constructors that have a volume argument instead of the usual lengthArchivedherck


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