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Feature #1290: === Core: framework ===

Unify treatment of numeric constants.

Added by wuttke almost 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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A constant is not a unit. Constants should be moved from Units.h to a new file Const.h.

At a few places, we are using M_PI though we have our own PI etc. We should eliminate one of the two sets of constants. If we opt against M_PI, we can also remove _USE_MATH_DEFINES from SetUpWindows.cmake.

We should define complex constants cone(1.,0.), cim(0.,1.), and possible zero(0.,0.).


Feature #1564: split "Pi.h" from Units.hArchivedwuttke


#1 Updated by wuttke over 4 years ago

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M_PI is used in several third-party sources. We do not want to patch them. Therefore we cannot get rid of M_PI. We rather need to rely on compiler settings that ensure that M_PI is defined.

Unfortunately, it turns out that those compiler settings are not sufficient to guarantee that M_PI_2 is defined as well.

Per commit ac1d8bb0, the solution is to define or redefine M_PI, M_PI_2 etc, just as they are defined in a section of math.h that is not normally activated.

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Units.h now only contains physical units.

Complex constants should be locally in math-heavy files.

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