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== Win build ==

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Feature #542: Windows installer: check existence of BornAgain and uninstall it if existsRejected

Testing #1346: Winbuild: Provide GSL/Cmake based compilation uder MSVC 2015Archivedherck

Testing #1347: Winbuild: Provide compilation of BornAgain in MSVC 2015 Comunity edition (64bits, Python2 and 3)Archivedherck

Configuration #1480: Buildbot: provide tutorial how to add new build configuration: WindowsRejected

Configuration #1483: Fix shuwdown of Windows10 build slaveRejectedherck

Configuration #1496: Switch Windows10 buildslave from virtual box to vagrant boxRejectedherck

Bug #1516: Consider include of ms-win-runtime library into Windows installerArchivedherck

Documentation #1517: Add the case with missed msvc2015 runtime library on Windows systems to the troubleshooting sectionArchivedherck

Configuration #1718: Installer: Windows: Provide alternative installer with debug symbolsBacklog


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