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GUI: move windows menu from right-click-popup to topbar "Windows" pulldown

Added by wuttke over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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By default (unless overwritten by more specific behavior) a right click pops up a menu window that allows to choose whether or not to show the items toolbox, the property editor, and so on. This is exactly what one would expect in a topbar pulldown menu entitled "Windows" [at least under Unix - maybe Microsoft has a different name for it??].

For sure, we should add this topbar item.

In principle, we could leave the current right-click behavior as an alternative way to access the windows menu. However, I find it rather counterintuitive that while working in the main canvas a mouse click brings up a menu that is not about my current editing but about some global settings. So I would strongly opt for leaving the right click inactive unless sensibly used for some operation related to the widget the mouse is pointing at.


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I have moved your comment into #1486, where among other things I'm going to address this one too.
Let me reject this issue and let's continue to collect ideas there.

In general, my idea to have same dock menu switch, as in JobView (very right bottom corner). So user should not get used to the new concept of layout switches while changing between SampleView and JobView.

Please also see my comments here #1508.

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