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GUI JobView: reconsider location of activity view switch

Added by wuttke over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Current location of button that activates the Job View Activity menu is at bottom right.

This it at variance from http://bornagainproject.org/node/22, which shows it at top right.

As a naive user, I would expect such a basic switch at top left.


#1 Updated by pospelov over 4 years ago

True, tutorial was not updated yet. I also agree, that lower right corner is not most intuitive place. The problem with "top left" is that toolbar there belongs to the JobSelector (and it is not visible in "RealTimeActivity" and "Fitting Activity").

For me, the most intuitive place would be "top right". The previous solution was around that, with whose disadvantages that location was jumping, depending on whether "real parameter tuning tree" on the right is visible, or not.

Also please consider, that currently all three switches, which are responsible for global layout change are in the same place - bottom status bar. Here I'm talking about 1) "Job Selector" visibility switch at the bottom left corner 2) "Activity" switch at the bottom right corner and then 3) "dock menu" switch at the very right corner. I see it as kind of advantage that they are all together.

#2 Updated by wuttke over 4 years ago

  • Priority changed from Normal to Low

Perhaps then the solution will emerge from a larger reshuffling. Let's keep this issue with low priority and see how things work out.

#3 Updated by wuttke over 4 years ago

  • Priority changed from Low to High

However, before this can be set back to low priority, the tutorial should be updated to what is actually implemented in 1.6.

#4 Updated by pospelov over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Rejected, see #1823

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