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=== Parameter handling ===

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Parameter handling needs a separate envelope tasks, because it cannot be subsumed under Core, Fit, or GUI: it concerns all those three.


Feature #853: Provide particles with size distribution in GUIRejected

Refactoring #889: Remove Stochastic parameters in favour of IDistribution classesArchivedherck

Refactoring #568: Refactor ParticleBuilderArchivedherck

Testing #1013: Check consistency of depth and abundance between GUI and coreArchivedherck

Feature #1017: Provide basic working GUI version of ParticleDistribution with single parameter distributionArchivedherck

Feature #1018: Refactor GUI (and possibly core) version of Transformation to enable a distribution of position/rotationArchivedherck

Feature #1019: Extend GUI ParticleDistribution with linked parametersResolvedpospelov

Feature #1020: Refactor GUI (and possibly core) version of Transformation to enable a distribution of position/rotation (2)Archivedherck

Feature #890: Formfactor restrictions in fitting and distributionsRejected

Refactoring #1428: Compactify code that handles parameters (use abstract mechanism instead of treating each single parameter explicitly)Archivedwuttke

Feature #1463: possibility to specialize|generalize physical models on the flyRejected

Feature #1478: Refactor FitParameterLinked to provide simultaneous fit of several sample parametersResolvedpospelov

Bug #1498: Fitting in GUI: values for all fitting parameters are reported as the sameArchivedherck

Feature #1513: Provide more informational throw message from RealParameterWrapper.Archivedwuttke

Feature #1525: consider parameters of types int, enum, boolRejected

Refactoring #1538: AttLimits::isInRange(value) returns true for value==m_lower_limit, and false for value==m_upper_limitRejected

Refactoring #1565: to associate units with parameters, use string instead of inheritanceArchivedwuttke

Refactoring #1570: replace parameter accessor methods getFoo() by getParameterValue("Foo")Rejected


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