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rename class FitSuite

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Ā»FitSuiteĀ« is one possible name for the entire fit library (#1548).

It is not so good a name for the top-level class that connects the fit library with the application, depends on the application, and therefore is defined and implemented in files that reside in the application.

  • FitOwner
  • FitController
  • ManageFit
  • RunFit


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#2 Updated by herck over 4 years ago

I vote for FitController

#3 Updated by pospelov over 4 years ago

I don't like FitController that much. It is also hard to explain users, why we have renamed FitSuite to something else.

As for the name of the general library, FitSuite is a bit pretentious (ba.FitSuite still not), and may make users expecting too much. We will be only able to deliver collection of minimisers under common interface.

Also there is FitSuite here
These are our Hungarian friends

Nevertheless, here are a bit more options to not to let this fruitful discussion ends too early

  • FitPlan
  • FitAssistant
  • FitEntity
  • FitSession
  • FitTerminal
  • FitUnit
  • FitWorkstation

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will come up automatically with #1469, no need for action till then

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name will be MuMuFit, by the way

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