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Investigate time-of-life of SampleBuilder in Python context

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Item I

  • Is it possible to provide inline usage of SampleBuilder, as in example of Dominique Dresen?
Crash if SampleBuilder object is not referenced in python script
If I write a SampleBuilder class, say SphereMonolayer(ba.ISampleBuilder), is there some specific reason why I have to initiate it as an object and can not directly pass it to setSampleBuilder of the GISASSimulation object? What I mean:
   samplebuilder = SphereMonolayer()
is fine but
leads to Aborted(core dumped). Otherwise the variable samplebuilder would not be used within my code. I guess this is some memory problem?

The problem here is that Python garbage collector removes SphereMonolayer right after setSampleBuilder call, thus not giving C++ a chance to access it later. However, SampleBuilder should be passed inside C++ in the form of shared pointer. Why it doesn't work?

Item 2

In Python sample builder examples we show, that buildSample method returns a newly created sample, and to prevent the deletion of this sample by Python we store it in the class variable

def __init__(self):
    self.sample = None

def buildSample(self):
    self.sample = ba.MultiLayer()
    return self.sample

Additionally, we have weird code in Simulation::updateSample


Which looks like attempt to guess, if SampleBuilder came from Python and adjust ownership according to it. This piece of code looks like remnants of boost-python bindings, I think it is never executed.

Within this item:

  • Make sure we understand what is going on with SampleBuilder and it's sample on the way from Python to C++


#1 Updated by jmfisher over 4 years ago

This is definitely a remnant from the old bindings. In the old bindings, the ownership problem was solved on the C++ side by checking whether the sample builder comes from Python or C++, and if from Python it creates a clone of the sample builder to bypass ownership problems. With the new bindings, we could implement exactly the same behaviour with swig %extend directives. The two methods which need to be extended are Simulation::updateSample and SpecularSimulation::updateSample

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Item 2 is also solved

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All different use cases should now be possible without issues regarding object ownership. With many thanks to our swig expert Jonathan for all the help!

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