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Feature #1139: Py: Provide Simulation class with possibility to set vector of SimulationElements from outsideRejected

Refactoring #1440: cover Python examples by functional testsArchivedwuttke

Feature #1533: implement missing Python export for MesoCrystalRejected

Feature #1560: Provide simulation running from Python with text version of progress barArchivedwuttke

Feature #1562: Provide ISample with possibility to export parameter tree in Python dictionaryResolvedpospelov

Feature #1563: Investigate time-of-life of SampleBuilder in Python contextArchivedherck

Bug #1571: PyCoreTest overlooks complete obstruction of simulationArchivedwuttke

Feature #1573: facilitate plotting from Python scripts exported by PyCore tests.Archivedwuttke

Refactoring #1622: avoid smart pointers in user APIRejected

Bug #1627: python API kvector_t missing basic operatorRejected

Bug #1641: histogram2d test fails under certain configurationsResolvedpospelov

Bug #1646: Reversed order numpy arrayRejectedjuan

Feature #1675: Get rid of ctypes.addressof in PySampleBuilderRejected

Refactoring #1685: PythonAPI: Only expose classes/functions that users might needBacklog


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  • Python bindings
  • Export of Python scripts from Core

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