Bug #1576

bornagain/__init__.py must not require matplotlib

Added by wuttke over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:ArchivedStart date:05 Aug 2016
Priority:HighDue date:
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Target version:Sprint32


Functional tests must not require matplotlib to work.

Actually, there is no matplotlib on our apps server, and our PySuite tests, probably since ever, printed pointless error messages like in

75/152 Testing: PySuite/ApproximationDA
75/152 Test: PySuite/ApproximationDA
Command: "/opt/local/teamcity/buildAgent/work/bd3807b61cbfca82/BornAgain-build/b
in/PySuite" "ApproximationDA" 
Directory: /opt/local/teamcity/buildAgent/work/bd3807b61cbfca82/BornAgain-build/
"PySuite/ApproximationDA" start time: Aug 05 19:45 CEST
bornagain/__init__.py -> Error. Can't import matplotlib.
Core simulation will be compared with /opt/local/teamcity/buildAgent/work/bd3807b61cbfca82/BornAgain-build/tmp/pysuite_ApproximationDA_out generated by command '/opt/local/bin/python2.7 /opt/local/teamcity/buildAgent/work/bd3807b61cbfca82/BornAgain-build/tmp/pysuite_ApproximationDA.py'
ApproximationDA          Size distribution model: decoupling appr[SUCCESS]      9.8425e-14
<end of output>
Test time =   0.20 sec
Test Passed.
"PySuite/ApproximationDA" end time: Aug 05 19:45 CEST
"PySuite/ApproximationDA" time elapsed: 00:00:00


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Resolved in 40607ef.

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