Refactoring #1605

Revise public API of fitting classes

Added by pospelov about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

Status:ArchivedStart date:09 Sep 2016
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Target version:Sprint32


The main goal of this item is a minimal revision of public API of fitting classes (Core/Fitting/* and Fit/* directories), repairing of the fitting on Python side, repairing of still broken functionality on Core side, unit test coverage, validation of GUI->domain generation.

Among other things do the following:

  • Move FitKernel to the Fit library

This class will own FitParameters, ObjectiveFunctions, Minimizer and will serve as a main class to run fitting outside of BornAgain context

  • Refactor ROOTMinimizerFunctions to hide from external users "const double *"
  • Create functional test to fit arbitrary 2D function and access results of the fit

This will help to define reasonable public interface

  • Repair FitSuiteStrategies
    • implement Minimizer::clone()
  • Don't forget to fix bug in FitParameterItem introduced by the splitting of AttLimits to RealLimits and Attributes.


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