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Extend numpy support

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We do not have a convenient way to setup IntensityData object from Python, rather than using it's histogramming methods (::setBinContent, ::fill, etc). This makes importing of user data (if the data is in some unsupported format, like 'edf' or rare version of tiff) an uneasy task.

Consider the following:

  • Implement FitSuite::setSimulationAndRealData(simulation, <numpy array>)
  • Implement IHistogram::createFrom(<numpy array>)
  • Implement IHistogram.setData(<numpy array>)


#2 Updated by jmfisher about 4 years ago

See also sc-intern/technologies/python-bindings/swig/numpy for an example of automatic conversion numpy arras -> python list -> std::vector and conversely, using swig.

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Will quickly implement it, to simplify my tutorial's explanations.

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