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Envelope task #1438: === Physics ===

== Graded layer and cross-layer particles ==

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Urgently requested by E13, and promised to them.


Feature #163: implement IsGISAXS Example 14 (graded layer)Resolvedherck

Refactoring #1284: Move particle surface density to interference function instead of particle layoutRejected

Feature #1568: Implement TruncatedEllipsoid to replace HemiEllipsoidBacklog

Refactoring #1582: Correct model for dense particles on surfaceResolved

Feature #1616: For correct computation of mean refractive index, no longer allow embedding particles in the semi-infinite top layerResolvedherck

Refactoring #1649: Ensure consistent use of ambientMaterialResolved

Feature #1669: Allow for multiple form factors (dwba or not) in FromFactorWrapper and rename accordinglyResolvedherck

Feature #1670: Provide interface for adding particle shapes in different layers that are to be treated coherently (at fix relative position)Resolvedherck

Feature #1671: Provide automatic splitting of particle shapes when they cross a layer interfaceResolvedherck

Feature #1672: Implement subdivision of a layer into multiple layers for graded interface calculationsResolvedherck

Refactoring #1673: Design proposal for all subtasks under #1645Resolvedwuttke

Refactoring #1784: Clean up code after implementation of graded layer approximationResolvedherck

Feature #1785: Add graded layer approximation to GUIResolvedherck


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