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Feature #418: === Configuration & Build ===

== Release procedures and pre-release actions ==

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Feature #606: Restore automatic doxygen API generationRejected

Configuration #1150: Improve release script procedureRejected

Bug #1448: Remove html directory from source tarballRejected

Configuration #1501: version tag must start with 'v' (change release script or instructions)Archivedherck

Configuration #1502: rebase all branches after release (change release script or instructions)Rejected

Feature #1238: nicer layout for newsletter@bornagainproject.org (reopened: v1.6.0 round mail still had black bars)Archived

Documentation #1261: Drupal: update installation instructions, tutorials for coming release 1.5Archived

Bug #1302: Script updates following API changeArchivedherck

Documentation #1351: Drupal: update installation instructions, tutorials for coming releaseArchivedpospelov

Documentation #1437: Release requirement: Update example scriptsRejected

Configuration #1640: Doxygen generation on apps server not compatible anymore with links to APIRejected

Feature #1684: nicer layout for newsletter@bornagainproject.orgResolvedherck


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Rejected, see #1823

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