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Refactorings that leave functionality invariant. To be done preferably at the beginning of a sprint.


Refactoring #409: Remove duplicate functions "evaluate" and "evaluatePol"Backlog

Refactoring #1089: Refactor interface of evaluate(pol) of Form FactorsBacklog

Feature #1415: onChange() should invalidate cache, and not immediately execute precompute()Backlog

Refactoring #1457: Calculate precomputed tables at compile timeRejected

Refactoring #1468: Migrate to stdexceptBacklog

Refactoring #1541: review areAlmostEqual and get_relative_differenceBacklog

Refactoring #1581: get... -> create... if new pointer is returnedRejected

Refactoring #1596: handle variable instance names differently from fixed class names (=> split INamed)Rejected

Refactoring #1598: decide on policy for incomplete ICompositeSample descendant constructorsRejected

Refactoring #1610: in Simulation, wrap Sample by trivial SampleBuilderRejected

Bug #1633: Possible memory leakage in LayerStrategyBuilder.Resolvedherck

Refactoring #1659: rename PixelMap -> PixelResolvedherck

Refactoring #1693: Make consequential use of default values in initializer lists.Backlog

Refactoring #1707: refactor LayerStrategyBuilder, DecoratedLayerComputation -> LayoutStrategyBuilder, DecoratedLayoutComputationResolved

Refactoring #1713: light refactoring proposalsRejected

Refactoring #1735: remove include guards from unit testsResolvedwuttke

Refactoring #1743: resolve mutual directory dependence Parametrization <-> ScatteringResolvedpospelov

Refactoring #1744: resolve mutual directory dependence Aggregate <-> MultilayerRejectedherck


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