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Feature #861: === Website & Examples ===

Website should provide link to GitHub issue tracker. Close forum »Bug reports«?

Added by wuttke almost 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:20 Dec 2016
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The Website should invite users to submit bug reports to the GitHub issue tracker.

The forum entitled »Bug reports« could then be closed.


#1 Updated by ganeva almost 4 years ago

Most of the users do not have a github account. By default, github requires to login to create an issue. There are services available to overcome it: for example. I suggest to discuss what is the best way to proceed: allow to submit 'anonymous' issues or let users without github accounts submit us the bug reports other way (forum, email)?

#2 Updated by herck almost 4 years ago

Just my two cents:
I believe most users (who are not developers) are better off sending us (forum or contact form) a problem description instead of creating a bug issue. This removes the need for an extra login and also allows us to review the problem at hand and create an appropriate bug issue form it (avoiding vague issues like: program doesn't start, sample causes problem, etc.)
For the more development-oriented users, I guess the extra login (if they aren't already on github) does not pose a problem. These users can in principle also register directly on redmine if they wish.

#3 Updated by herck over 3 years ago

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