Refactoring #1748

Consider IParameter storing the data by reference

Added by pospelov about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Suggestion: instead of

template<typename T>
IParameter {
    IParameter(string name, T* data)
   T* m_data;

use the reference

template<typename T>
IParameter {
    IParameter(string name, T& data)
   T& m_data;
  • Few lines code less in RealParameter
    • No need to check if pointer != nullptr, and to provide machinery for pointing RealParameter to another source.
  • It is one character less to type while registering parameters: registerParameter(m_width) instead of registerParameter(&m_width)

From another hand, lots of files will be changed, without no strong reason.

Another thing to have in mind: for the moment RealParameter doesn't provide any defense against parent IParameterized being deleted. Shall we think of such defense?


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  • Status changed from Rfc to Rejected

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