Bug #1810

GUI: unconsistency in deg2rad convertion for angle distributions

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Target version:Sprint 34


See email from Wolfgang Gruber:

I tried to simulate GISAXS with a distribution of inclination angles. If for example a Gaussian distribution is chosen, the input in GUI is the mean value of the inclination angel in degrees (eg. 0.3°). Exported to Python the simulation.setBeamParameters reads:

simulation.setBeamParameters(0.1341*nm, 9.1385225936e-05*deg, 0.0*deg).

The value "9.1385225936e-05" , obviously expected in degrees, is not the value of 0.3° in radian. Is this a bug in the software or how can I interpret this value?

And one Question by Marvin:
If you use particle form factors with an angle, e.g. cone, in the GUI, you have to enter the angle in degree. But I if you add a distribution to the angle, the particle distribution needs the mean angle to be given in radians, I think. This change was a bit unexpected for me.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Gruber


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The first problem is solved: setBeamParameters will now correctly display the mean values in degrees with "*deg" suffix

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