Feature #1812

GUI: provide saving of project in separate thread

Added by pospelov over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Status:ResolvedStart date:02 Jun 2017
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Target version:Sprint 34


For the moment, when GUI saves project (in autosave mode, or because of ctrl-s pressed), saving is done in a main GUI thread.

For project with several large images open, and on weak laptops, it leads for unresponsiveness during seconds.

Within this item

  • Modify saving algorithm, so it do not re-save already existing images on disk.
  • Make saving done in separate thread.

Think how to save model, while there are changes ongoing
But as a first approach, make saving of heavy data (images) in separate thread, while saving a model still in a main thread.

  • Provide status string "Saving..." somewhere.

The button status bar is a good place, but on some views it is already occupied by buttons.


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Save, autosave in a thread, save queue were implemented. Took about 1000 lines of code (where 500 lines were unit tests).

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