Feature #1858

Make possible using scattering length, number densities and scattering length densities as input material data

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Target version:Sprint 36


In the case of time-of-flight measurements having input in the form of SLD or scattering lengths and number densities is favorable in comparison with refraction indices input. SLD values as input can also be favorable in the case of soft matter simulations


Bug #1871: Prevent using WavelengthIndependentMaterial in computations with material averaging or make universal averaging procedureResolveddmitry

Bug #1872: Prevent user from creating mixed samples with mixed wavelength-dependent and wavelength-independent materialsResolveddmitry

Bug #1875: Provide proper export to python for all flavours of materialsResolveddmitry

Documentation #1880: Provide example of new wavelength-independent material usageResolveddmitry


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