Bug #1911

Revise SessionItem::setData method

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Status:ResolvedStart date:29 Nov 2017
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Target version:Sprint 36


There is a problem in unit test TestMaterialPropertyController (line 42) which appears only in Appveyor.

The test simply changes the item value once and then checks that ModelMapper emits signal also one time.
On Appveyor the signal emitted twice.

Within this item
  • write extended unit test which will checks signaling directly on SessionModel::setData
  • Investigate SessionItem::setData method, there is a hint from valgrind that something is wrong there

"Conditional jump depends on unitialized value:

bool SessionItem::setData(int role, const QVariant& value)
    role = (role == Qt::EditRole) ? Qt::DisplayRole : role;
    QVector<SessionItemData>::iterator it;
    for (it = m_values.begin(); it != m_values.end(); ++it) {
        if ((*it).role == role) {
            if (value.isValid()) {
--> line #414  if ((*it).value.type() == value.type() && (*it).value == value)


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