Bug #2092

GUI: Top level thickness error

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Status:ResolvedStart date:20 Jun 2018
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Target version:Sprint 38


To reproduce:
1. Start BornAgain GUI
2. Pull the 'Multilayer with correlated roughness' example
3. Delete the top layer
4. See that you are not able to change the thickness of the layer which is now on top
5. Run the simulation, you will see the error message

obQueueData::runJob() -> Error. Attempt to create sample/instrument object from user description has failed with following error message.

Invalid call to MultiLayer::addLayer(): the semi-infinite top layer must have a pro forma thickness of 0

For the bottom layer the story is a bit different: you still cannot change it's thickness, but there is no error while running the simulation. I think, this is inconsistent.


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