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Observations made during GISAS 2018 school at Bayreuth

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Status:ResolvedStart date:17 Sep 2018
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Target version:Sprint 39


  • Constant crashes of GUI on the end of long simulation.

Probably was already fixed by Walter (autosave machinery, Untitled project)
Following my request, the user checked against fresh experimental version and it was OK

  • Many users tries to add ParticleLayout to substrate to have particles on top
  • Provide lamella example both for GUI and Python script

Stack of boxes oriented randomly around Z
Stack of boxes oriented randomly around everything

  • Many users think that 3D view is not working because no sample selected
  • Necessary to implement 3D view for paracrystals and 1D interference functions

As a first step paracrystal can be just as 2D lattice

  • BornAgain looks terrible on Windows in 4K
  • Non informative Linux CMake message on missed python3-numpy

May be consider as minor. Message is good enough.

  • Air Layer shown in RealTime was was confusing users by its thickness

Already fixed in the development

  • Never delete ParticleLayout with all children in GUI. Just detach children and delete ParticleLayout only.
  • On MacOS crash people push button "report to Apple"
  • Question how to use Python scripting on MacOS

Apparently not every one reads documentation

  • Unddo/redo


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