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Find an intelligent way to handle repeating values in the coordinate vector (reflectivity)

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Target version:Sprint 39


User reflectivity data may contain repeating values in the coordinate vector. This should be handled by the data loader in the most user-friendly way. For the moment, data loader throws the error message (see screenshot) and closes the import assistant. All the settings (first row, last row, coordinate column, intensity column, etcetera) are dropped. This is quite inconvenient.

First, I think that the assistant should not close and the settings should not be dropped. This would allow user at least to choose first and/or last row to avoid the repeating values.

Possible solutions for handling of the repeating values:
- let user to exclude rows (add 'exclude row' action on the right button click)
- automatically add some 'epsilon' << x values, notify user with a warning message.
- take a mean intensity value for the repeating coordinates, notify user with a warning message
- any other ideas?

Screenshot_20181112_103223.png - Error message (28.9 KB) ganeva, 12 Nov 2018 11:02


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