Refactoring #2234

Simplify minimizer constructor

Added by pospelov over 1 year ago.

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For the moment minimizer initialization string has 3 parameters which allows to set minimizer type, minimizer algorithm and option string

minimizer.setMinimizer("Minuit2", "Migrad")
minimizer.setMinimizer("Minuit2", "Migrad", "MaxFunctionCalls=500;Strategy=2")

The problem is that some minimizers has only one algorithm, so the string become

minimizer.setMinimizer("Genetic", "", "seed=1");

Empty string as second parameter looks not very natural and complicates tutorial writing.

Suggestion: merge algorithm and option string together.

minimizer.setMinimizer("Minuit2", "Algorithm=Migrad;MaxFunctionCalls=500;Strategy=2")

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