Refactoring #2240

Refactor unit convertor construction in InstrumentItem

Added by pospelov over 1 year ago.

Status:BacklogStart date:03 Dec 2018
Priority:NormalDue date:
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  • Introduce public Simulation::createConvertor()
    • Thus, move all convertors creation on board of corresponding Simulation, get rid of ConverterUtils::createConverter
  • Remove InstrumentItem::createInstrument()
  • Introduce InstrumentItem::createSimulation()
    • Move all simulation creation code from DomainBuilder* on board of corresponding instrument.
  • Introduce InstrumentItem::createConverter()
    • On board it will simply do createSimulation().createConverter()
    • Get rid of DomainObjectBuilder::createUnitConverter
  • Make InstrumentItem to be the interface class which contains only virtual createSimulation()
    • No background, masks, initBeamGroup, updateToRealData, alignedWith etc.

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