Bug #2255

Program crash during fitting

Added by Uliana_Koneva over 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:11 Dec 2018
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During study of fitting rest a model was take as REAL DATA:
Cone6 BaseEdge: 150
Height: 272
Alpha: 71

For a simulation was use:
Cone6 BaseEdge: 136
Height: 300
Alpha: 80

Fit Parameters:
Name Value Min Max
BaseEdge 136 100 200
Height 300 200 350
Alpha 80 60 90

Program crash occurs during fitting with a message:
"Current settings cause fitting failure.
Incompatible parameters in Cone6 (base_edge=117.521, height:347.956, alpha[rad]:1.16446)"

This set of parameters is really incompatible, but right parameters are in given bounds.

Is it possible not to stop the fit, but to memorize a combination of incompatible parameters, return to the previous iteration and continue fitting, excluding the incompatible combination?

Screenshot from 2018-12-11 15-40-36.png (544 KB) Uliana_Koneva, 11 Dec 2018 16:12

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