Bug #2272

Reports from the school: coefficients are not scalar bug.

Added by pospelov 10 months ago.

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yesterday in the UserSession i have experienced an reproducible error in the BornAgain GUI: If I insert a magnetization in any layer of a mulitlayer stack (without particles), I will get the error message
"ILayerRTCoefficients::getScalarKz(): coefficients are not scalar. ---"
In the attached projekt I have simulated a multilayer stack with polarization analysis in the instrument and a magnetization in the third layer from top (FePd2). Without the layer magnetization I can simulate the system, so the error is not in the polarization analysis. Also if I insert magnetized particles instead of magnetized layers, the simulation works. Only by inserting a magnetization in any layer, I cannot simulate the system.
The first simulation was without layer magnetization and worked.

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