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Requirements from ESS instrument scientists for reflectometry in BornAgain

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Here I will enumerate the requirements to the BornAgain GUI voiced at the meeting in Lund.
Parenthesis denotes the items which were either not pronounced loudly, but will presumably be
required at next meeting, or were pronounced by myself as planned for the nearest future.

1. Simpler layer definition for reflectometry (see attached file).
It should also feature some intuitive mechanism of adding
several interchanging layers at once.
2. Creating instrument/loading experimental data from a NEXUS file.
The button should be available from the welcome view.
3. Current defaults are good only if one wants to do GISAS (e.g. having
GISAS instrument created by default in instrument view). I assume that
it would be nice to have some preset defaults for reflectometry case
and allow user to select at the first launch what he intends
to use the code for.
4. Selection of instrument in instrument view is not intuitive. It would be
nice to see all available instrument types at once and choose the appropriate one.
5. Instrument configurations for ESS (and other widely used) instruments.
6. Q-defined reflectometry as the default layout of instrument.
7. RQ^4 and log fitting metrics (one of them should be defaulted?) and corresponding
graph representations.
(8). Handling intensity uncertainties during fit
9. Scattering vectors in inverse angstroms everywhere.
10. Uncertainty analysis and Bayesian treatment of uncertainties.
(11). Handling pointwise resolution in GUI.
12. Co-refinement mechanism for different contrasts and polarizations
13. Batch processing for in-situ measurements.
14. Creating custom fitting parameters / applying restrictions on fitted parameters.
15. 1d data import:
(a). Loading pointwise resolutions
b. Loading intensity uncertainties
c. Sorting and automatic exclusion of repeated values in coordinate
d. automatic handling of commented lines (e.g. starting with # or ! etc.)
(e). importing several datasets simultaneously
16. Changing workflow from
welcome view -> instrument view -> import data -> simulation/fit
welcome view -> import data -> instrument view -> fit/simulation
(17). Material library

LayerEditor_layout.png - Draft layout for layer editor (448 KB) dmitry, 04 Mar 2019 12:06


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