Feature #2368

GUI>Simulation: decouple setup editor from action buttons

Added by wuttke about 1 year ago.

Status:NewStart date:17 May 2019
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The "Simulation" tab currently combines property editors "Data selection", "Simulation Parameters" with action buttons "Run Simulation", "Export to Python Script".

I want to run a simulation from the "Job View", so that I immediately see what changes, without turning my eyes away from the simulated image. I certainly do not want to see all the setup parameters again and again, each time I just am to run a simulation.

I suggest the property editors be merged into the current "Instrument" tab, renamed as "Setup".

I suggest "Export to Python Script" goes to top menu "File" where all Import/Export functionality belongs (#2366).

The "Run Simulation" button should probably be moved to top level.

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