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Handling z-component of magnetic field

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As described in section 1.1 of this internal report,
external magnetic field is subtracted during the computation of the wave reflected from magnetized sample.
In the section 1.2 of the same document it is stated, that z-component of the magnetic field (that is, the one normal to the sample surface)
must be constant across the sample.

As the result, z-component of magnetic field, B_z, is always nullified during the computation.
It would be useful to check how it is treated in other codes.
For example, GenX considers only the angle between beam polarization and the direction of the magnetic field, thus avoiding direct treatment of z-component.
This approach however does not allow for not fully polarized beams and imperfect analyzers.

Anyhow, B_z nullifying has a counter-intuitive behavior, since a user can specify any B_z in the layers,
but it will not affect the result of computation.

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