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Investigate GitHub action system.

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Currently, our continuous integration relies on two systems:

  • Buildbot for nightly and developer's builds
  • Appveyor/Travis for pull requests.

Following problems exist for the moment:

  • Buildbot is not visible from outside.
  • Buildbot is abandoned (obsolete version, no config for Randolf, no checks for the green lights).
  • Buildbot's Windows builds are broken.
  • Buildbot's macOS builds are based on MacMini and extremely slow, libraries are outdated.
  • GitHub continuous integration is very slow (but still very useful).
  • No automatic release procedure. All installers are built manually and manually uploaded to the apps server.

Since our group doesn't have resources (manpower and initiative) to resolve this situation properly and keep it steady in the long run, one possible solution could be to stick completely to the free and hosted services.

Within this item, investigate the GitHub action system and provide an answer to the following questions:

  • Is it possible to replace Travis with GitHub action for both, Mac OS and Linux.
  • Is it possible to replace Appveyor with GitHub actions for Windows builds.
  • What would be the performance with respect to Travis/Appveyor.
  • Is it possible to provide two configurations: one to run on the pull request, another to run on release procedure.


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Since 1.17, CI runs under GH Actions.

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