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Design new API for MultiLayer with repetitions.

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New Reflectometry GUI prototype allows creating convenience multi-layer structures with repeating internal content (task: repeat bi-layer n. times). However, we do not have corresponding functionality on the Core side.

Within this issue, investigate Refnx for inspiration, and suggest new MultiLayer API.

RepeatingLayersAPI.pdf (126 KB) rbeerwerth, 15 May 2020 15:08


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I vaguely remember Refnx also has a way to add multiple slicing with material gradient. Did you see something like that? We probably have to take this into consideration too, while designing API. I mean, no need to implement it simultaneously with the LayerStack (or whatever will be on its place), but the design should allow easily to have it in the future.

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I looked into the API for Slicing, which is also used to calculate arbitrary interface profiles. I updated the pdf, even though these two issues are imo not too related, and would probably be mostly independent. Implementing material profiles and slicing would interfere with the existing slicing machinery though.
Or do you mean something else by "material gradient"?

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